Unix Administration & Development


HP-UX, AIX, Linux and Solaris Administration:

Securityadministration and Concepts, Clustering, HA Concepts, Network Engineering, Unix System- and Application Engineering, C/C++, Java, Support based on ITIL, Storage Tuning and Administration

Hardware and Virtualization: VMWare, Viratual Box, XEN, Parallels, HPVM, HP and IBM Enterprise Server (PA-RISC, Itanium and IBM-Power based) in medium and big Datacenters, Blade Systems, HP-Storage (EVA, XP, 3Par), EMC-Storage (DMX, VNX, VMAX, Clariion), Brocade SAN Switches, Cisco Network Switches

Operating Systems: HP-UX 10/11.xx (PA-RISC/Itanium), Linux (Red Hat, SuSE/SLES, Debian, etc.) Solaris, Cisco IOS, VPN IPSec/L2TP Appliances (based on: BSD, Nokia, Cisco, Checkpoint, Linux, PIX Firewall), Mac OS X, iOS

Standart Applications: HP Service Guard, HP Raid Manager, Vpars, LPars, NPars, HPVM, OpenView Products, Databases (MySQL, Oracle, Postgress), ISP-Services (Apache, Tomcat, Squid, Open- LDAP, various FTP-Server, DNS incl. Bind 9, DHCP, Sendmail  Postfix, IPSec), Firewall/Packet Filters (IP- Filter/Chains/Tables, PF, IPFWADM, Checkpoint 4.0 - NG FP5), Contentfilter (Finjan, Amavis, etc.) Various Systemtools for Server communication

Development:  C/C++ (special security methodes and hardware closed programming, engineering of special server services), Shell based Scripting (incl. AWK, SED, etc.), C++ Developement for Server based Applications, Application Development for Server Controling.

Management, Projects and Training:  Securitytraining, Livecycle Management, Project Management, ITIL based Operations, Third-Level-Support, IEEE802.11x Trainings, Software Support


Consulting Services

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Consultant for Unix

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